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Get to know how we collaborate with each of our clients by going through our creative process below.

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We either set up a video call, start an email thread email or create a group in any messaging app to start our discussion on what the client is looking for. We usually look for a direction at this point and ask the client what they like or don't like. Some are very specific while some just give a theme. Both ways are fine!

Based on the client's brief and requirements, we'll create a cost agreement. This is the estimate cost to create everything the client asked for. Once it's approved, we require a 50% downpayment before we start.

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Once downpayment is we made, we'll need the client to provide the content or details of the deliverables. We will send a template for this via Google Docs.

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Our first pass will always have 2-3 design studies. This is so that the client has a variety to choose from and we can set a clearer path from there. The first pass will always be fine-tuned and fixed even further as we go along the process.

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Usually we go through 3-5 rounds of revisions with each round having a 2-3 day turnover (a more detailed timeline will be provided to the client).  We limit our revisions to up to 5 to make sure we meet our timelines.

Once the design is final, the digital version of the invitation can be provided. We can give the invitation in any file type the client needs.

For clients that want to print, we will begin the printing process below.

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Before we mass produce, we do 1 test print so the client can see the design on the actual material to be used. Content and color changes can still be made at this point.
Our test print is limited to flat printing only. We do not test print special printing like embossing or gold foiling since it requires a mold.

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Once the test print is approved, we begin mass production! We will also send photos and videos of the progress if the client requests.

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Once the printing is finished, we will require full payment and then we will deliver everything over free of charge!

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