Kapatiran Para Sa Frontliners (KPSF)

I am part of Assumption San Lorenzo's High School Batch 2007. We initiated a fundraiser to help equip and protect our fellow Assumptionistas who are frontlining in various hospitals in the Philippines. 

With the help 24 other Assumption batches and many generous donors, we were able to raise over PHP2,000,000 in just over a month. This helped us supply PPE suits, N95 masks, gloves, face shields and meals to various hospital around Metro Manila.

All social media posts were designed by Kasali pro bono and were written by a fellow batchmate in the PR industry. The posts were seen in the Instagram accounts of the 25 Assumption batches that participated.

This was the first project we took during the time of COVID-19 and it was a saving grace for us. Kasali used to be focused on events but COVID-19 and KPSF showed us that we can do more.

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