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  • What's your design process like?
    Here's a quick rundown of our process: We ask the client to brief us about their deliverables - either through a call, an e-mail or through Whatsapp/Viber. After the brief, we will send a cost estimate after a couple of days. If approved, client needs to make a 50% downpayment before we begin. After a week of the downpayment, we will give 3 design studies based on the brief/ Client and Kasali will then work on a 3-5 working day turnaround time for each comment and revision. We do this until the output is perfect!
  • What's your print process like?
    Here's a quick rundown of our process: After the design has been sent or finalize, we do a test print. A test print happens so we can see the colors of the design against the chosen paper. (Please take note that we don't do special printing during test prints) We send the test print over to the cilent for his/her review. After the test print has been approved, that's the only time we start mass production. If ever there's a need to tweak printing, we can do a second test print for a PHP300 fee.
  • What's your design turnaround time?
    I recommend giving at least 3 weeks to design, with 3-5 working days per revision.
  • What's your print turnaround time?
    3-5 working days for a test print 7-10 working days to mass produce without special printing* 10-14 days to mass producting with special printing* *Special printing = die-cut, embossing, letterpress, gold foill, etc.
  • So when should I start working on my invitations?
    3 months before you want to give it out is what we recommend! This gives us enough buffer time for any unforseen circumstances.
  • Do you accept rush design or printing?
    No. We need at least 3 weeks to design and 3 weeks to print (test + mass production).
  • Do you have a minimum quantity for printing invitations?
    Yes, 50 pieces for flat/regualr printing.
  • What is special printing and do you provide this? How much?
    Embossing and Debossing - An emboss or deboss changes the texture of paper by raising (or lowering) a relief of a design. Die Cut Printing - Die cutting is a special printing effect that uses steel cutting dies to cut specific designs and shapes into paper. Foil Stamping and Metallic Inks - The special printing effect gives the stamped lettering or graphics a shiny, professional appearance. It comes in various colors such as reflective silver, gold, copper, and more. We can provide any of the following listed above for an additional fee. Usually it's an added PHP5,000 (depending on quantity and size) to your print and design cost.
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